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New colours out now

5 new colours inspired by natural Italian marble, culture and serene Italian alpine nature to create a chic contemporary style, all with the unique characterists of HI-MACS.

Includes Passo, Cremona, Ancona, Lunar Dust & Bellizzi

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Design without compromise.

The freedom to innovate with a material that is as flexible as your imagination. HI-MACS is a dream product for designer, builder and home owner alike. Long lasting, hygienic, durable and elegant in a range of colours and styles suitable for every application.

Good ideas need a material to transform them into reality and HI-MACS allows the fusion of art and architecture with a product that brings new possibilities to revolutionise the way we create.

Ideal for countertops and other surface applications where durability, versatility and lasting beauty are a must. With an ever-expanding collection of colours and styles, HI -MACS will inspire interior designers, architects, commercial developers and home owners.

Design with...

Seamless joins

HI-MACS is joined using a special adhesive to produce a seamless look. This enables the creation of large island units and large surfaces areas that appear to have been made from a single piece of HI-MACS.

Form and shape

With HI-MACS any shape can be achieved. Design boundaries are meant to be surpassed and HI-MACS pushes them further than could ever be imagined. HI-MACS can be crafted into crisp angles or soft curves to suit classic or contemporary design styles and offers a warmth that is inviting to the touch. 


HI-MACS offers an infinite number of design possibilities with a wide variety of colours and patterns. The palette includes solids, translucent, neutrals, natural and engineered stone patterns as well as a range of dark and bright colours.


HI-MACS has a natural translucency, especially with the lighter colours, and is often used by designers to create unique lamps and lighting options. The HI-MACS Lucent range brings enhanced translucency to your designs.


HI-MACS not only offers design flexibility, but provides a number of maintenance advantages as well. This non-porous material is both stain and impact resistant, providing greater durability than traditional materials. Should it become damaged it can be easily repaired if scratched or chipped.

With the environment in mind

HI-MACS is Green Guard Indoor Quality Certified for schools and living environments. In addition this product may contribute to the achievement of Green Star credit points.

New HI-MACS Reference Book

The HI-MACS Reference Book is full of great design examples grouped by application for ease of use.

It also includes the 2017 colour palette, boasting with 59 beautiful colours, patterns and hues. The international colour range is also featured and available by request. 

View online here.

A short HI-MACS® Solid Surface video, highlighting some recent projects.


HI-MACS ticks all the boxes

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Durable, functional and hardworking, are all qualities that HI-MACS brings to every application. Able to withstand the demands of high traffic, high demand environments, without any compromise on creativity.



Express your clients brand with style and HI-MACS. Elegance and design possibilities that encourage designers beyond the ordinary.


Your clients home is a place to appreciate the finer things in life. Start in the kitchen with the confidence of a material that inspires the senses of beauty and style whilst being strong, durable, hygienic and supremely flexible.